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Yoga Studio Margie Claire Lou Jane Joanna Cathie Penny Margaret Treatment Room Annie Vikki Dina Yoga Studio Margie Margie is a Gita trained teacher of Hatha Yoga and has also completed Yin Yoga Teacher training. She has Post Graduate qualifications from Gita for Progressive Yoga Relaxation, and Level 1 I Rest training for Yoga Nidra from Integrative Restoration Institute She has completed Module 1 Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation with Paul and Mia Bedson at Gawler Foundation and Module 2 Visualisations and Contemplative Meditation with Ian and Ruth Gawler She is interested in working with all levels of abilities. She enjoys working with older and ethnic groups and believes in the healing power of Yoga for sore and tired bodies. She has taught at the Gita Yoga School, The Australian Shiatsu College, Gyms, on Seniors programs, and with ethnic groups. "In our busy modern lives we need to find time for ourselves; to attend a class and to leave refreshed and invigorated." Claire Claire has taught in many different environments such as gyms, studios, offices, living rooms, bus terminals, hallways, parks, church halls, balconies, kitchens, conference centres, beaches and crèches. She loves the organic nature of yoga and how each class can be tailored to suit the student, surroundings and circumstances. She learnt this invaluable skill during her training at Gita International and enjoys putting this into practice, enabling students to feel comfortable, safe, supported and inspired. Claire strives to inspire her students through humour and gentle encouragement. She has a keen interest in how the body works and how it interacts with the space around it. This is aided by her "other life" as an artist and designer. Claire is passionate about the human body's ability to heal itself in all aspects, once given the chance. She continues to marvel at the subtle yet profound difference that yoga can make to her own life and that of her students. Lou Louise, or Lou as she likes to be called, guides her students through their postures in a mediative, relaxed manner. She works with a variety of postures, or asanas, and breathing exercises referred to as pranayama bringing focus to the stretches. She is very careful to instruct students in correct alignment, movement and application of correct breathing techniques during postures. Lou is a qualified Hatha Yoga Teacher with post graduate qualifications in Progressive Yoga Relaxation and Meditation. She is a qualified Canine Myotherapist and Feng Shui practitioner. Louise works tirelessly in her garden up near Daylesford creating a zen food and flower garden, for one day all to enjoy. Jane Jane is a graduate of the Gita International 1,000 hour teacher training course. She teaches the Gita style of yoga, variations on 10 basic postures that work systematically through the endocrine gland system, stretching and relaxing the entire body in an hour session. She believes that this style of yoga accommodates the varying levels of physicality that students bring to a general class, so that the less experienced are nurtured as they work towards achieving the postures, and the more experienced have the opportunity to explore going deeper into those same postures. She believes that practicing yoga is essentially experiencing your own body from within, without reference to external standards of judgement, and appreciating the sense of acceptance, calm and compassion that comes from that. Joanna Yoga began for Joanna as a teenager and over 16 years has blossomed into a way of life. Now she works to pass on the healing benefits of Yoga and Mindful movement to others. “I believe in a healthy sense of self and empowering others to develop their own self- esteem and self-awareness through yoga and movement” Her Teacher Training began in Peru in 2012 with Yoga Teacher Certification. Since then she has been taking, and teaching classes in Canada and Australia. Continuing her Yoga studies in early 2016 she completed her Certificate in Yoga Anatomy and Physiology with the Moksha Academy of Yoga and then at the end of 2016 Level 1 Kundalini Teacher Training. To expand her role as a healer and therapeutic practitioner she graduated with a Diploma of Counselling and also completed Teacher Training for Integrative Qi Gong. This is a modern approach to an ancient movement practice. In 2017, she has embarked on a Batchelor of Health Science in Western Herbal Medicine, aiming to integrate plant medicine, counselling, healing, various yoga styles and movement techniques into a truly holistic way of life. Her class focus is on alignment, breath and the benefits that each pose brings, and that movement is an essential part of a healthy life style. “We are all constantly learning and developing; I love that Yoga and mindfulness provides us with this humble approach to the world that everyone has the ability to tap into their true self. How grateful I am to provide people with the ability to undergo their own personal transformation.” Cathie Catherine teaches a gentle yoga that is designed to balance her students physically and mentally and feed their spirit. Anyone can join in and benefit from her classes. Catherine graduated as a Gita Yoga Teacher in 2005. Since graduating she has taught students in the corporate sector, at a yoga school, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre and secondary school students. She has worked in a Co-ordinating capacity on many Teacher Training Courses Since graduating, she has continued to expand her knowledge in yoga teaching, meditation, human anatomy, relaxation and esoteric studies. Penny Penny has 28 years’ experience teaching Gita style Hatha Yoga; general and gentle classes as well as Progressive Yoga Relaxation. (PYR) "I love the diversity of students that come to yoga" Margaret Margaret is a qualified Teacher of Amrit Yoga and Amrit Yoga Nidra. She is particularly passionate helping guide people to greater awareness of their body mind and spirit and the way yoga and the meditative practice of Yoga Nidra can help transform their lives. “It is my privilege to be sharing the teachings of Amrit Yoga with you and I look forward to our journey together” Jai Bhagwan I honour the light within you. Treatment Room Practitioners Annie Shiatsu Massage and Kinesiology Phone 0408 210 0761 Vicki Naturopathy, Avaverdic and Massage Bookings 0410417598
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