The Yoga Studio

In the midst of busy Brunswick Street Fitzroy the Yoga Studio is a calm and quiet space. We have classes at Gentle, General and Master Class levels. Hatha Yoga classes Stretch the body, refreshing tired tense muscles. Internal organs benefit too, locks and squeezes flush out tired hormones in the endocrine system, allowing for renewal and return to balance. All classes include guided breathing and relaxation components. Introduction 1 hour classes to introduce you to Hatha Yoga. Learn how to bring the mind, body and emotions into balance through stretching, breathing and quietening the mind. Learn the foundation postures and techniques safely in small groups. Bring the endocrine system into balance, work the muscles of the whole body, learn to release stress, improve sleep and restore energy. This is the starting point of your Yoga journey. Next Blocks Introduction starts 22 July and ongoing to December, on a come as you can basis Progressive Yoga Relaxation (45 Minutes) Weekly sessions to alow you to move more deeply within and increase the benefits. Simple stretches to prepare the body. Experience the profound benefits of Deep Relaxation. Allow the release of muscle tension and daily stress. Bring the nervous system back to a place of balance and calm. Physical relaxation facilitates emotional relaxation. Release negative feelings; create space for contentment and happiness in your life. The relaxation process unwinds the mind, offloading mental tension, allowing focus and openness. Deep Relaxation removes the daily accumulation of stresses, systematically works to release physical, emotional and mental tensions so we can enjoy life more fully and freely.

8-week block or come casually
Continuous, take your 8 classes as you choose Guided Meditation (45 Minutes) Experience the calmness and quietness that comes when we take notice of our minds. This is not a Course, this is experiential; we close our eyes and go within. We will work with mindfulness techniques, visualisations and contemplative practices, as well as Yogic practices based on breath and relaxation.

Continuous Restorative Yoga More focus on floor based stretches, minimum effort for the body while stretching and nourishing tissues and muscles. Bolsters and blankets are used to support the body to assist stretching. The slower class rhythm allows for more focused breathing, meditation and relaxing spaces that promote healing. Feel nourished and refreshed.

Continuous Yin Yoga Deep slow stretching that nourishes the connective tissues, improving circulation to the joints and improving flexibility. Stretches can be 3 minutes or longer. Bolsters can be used to support one part of the body to allow another to open more. Mediative and provides a wonderful sense of ease and wellbeing.

Continuous Interactive Qi Gong A standing practice integrating precision and awareness of movement with mindfulness of body and breath. An ancient movement practice presented with a modern approach. Learn to integrate breath and movement.

Check TimeTable for Class Times Gentle Stress Realease A gentle, slow and revitalising hatha yoga class. Nourishes the body systems releases stresses. Very beneficial if you are coping with anxieties or tensions.

8 week block
Next Block Starts 22 July and ongoing to December, on a come as you can basis Flexi class - Organise the class you want! Do you know what our Teachers can offer? Take a look, it's a Yoga Menu!
First Yoga Your Yoga Starting point
Restorative Yoga Restore the body to optimum health without strain. Focus on floor stretches, breathing and relaxation.
Gentle Yoga The same benefits as General classes, but modified stretches. Awareness of injuries and impediments.
General Level Always a great choice
Power Yoga A good strong stretch
Breathing Techniques Health Strength and Calmness from Pranayama (Breathing)
Progressive Yoga Relaxation Feel the calmness and release from stress this brings
Meditation Traditional way to quietness within
Mindfulness Meditation Learn to make this part of your everyday life
Yin Yoga Long deep stretches into connective tissue. Frees up movement in the joints.
Partner or single person work to prepare or recover from Surgery
Only Teachers qualified in these specialised areas teach on this program While some of these will be on our Pop Up program, now you also have the opportunity to create your own Flexi class.
Make it a regular habit or a one off. Calm a nervous wedding party; Prepare for a challenging event Give yourself a personal treat. Select from our Menu Board, and combine as you choose. 60 minutes not enough? Add 15 minutes time blocks. Flexi Classes available for one person to a maximum of 10 people.

Here are your Flexi Class Rates per hour
1 to 2 people $95.00
3 to 6 $110.00
7 to 10 $125.00
Add 15.00 minute time blocks at $24 per block.
Order your class of choice and we will talk Teachers and times.
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All teachers are qualified practitioners or Hatha Yoga and Progressive Yoga Relaxation. Take time out of a busy life to restore strength and energy to the body, and calm the mind.

Coming to a Class Wear comfortable clothing, no belts, ties, or loose jewellery. Avoid eating for 2 hours before the class Drink water before or after the class but not during. There is a change room and a shower. Towels are available at the desk Turn off you mobile before the start of class. Enter from Fishers Lane, door opens 15 minutes before class. Welcome to Yoga Space Fitzroy. Timetable See the timetable here About the Teachers Learn about our teachers here