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We have extended the use of our space to visiting Teachers, Workshops and for Private Classes. Please contact Teachers and Practitioners directly for bookings,times and fees. Amrit Yoga - Meditation in Motion with Margaret
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Click for More info... Amrit Yoga is Meditation in Motion! Strengthen, lengthen and Integrate! An authentic way to connect with your true self.

Contact Margaret Direct 0437360047
Kundalini Meditation with Sophia Active meditations, created by Indian rebel mystic Osho, are specially designed for the modern person. These meditations offer a way to come to peace by using movement, breathing and other active techniques to purge the conscious mind of thoughts. Once this catharsis has occurred in the beginning stages, you are able to enter into heightened peace, creativity and bliss. Both meditations, Dynamic and Kundalini, are one hour in duration and move through stages (active to still) completed to music. For more detailed instructions please visit

“Active meditations are strange, joyous, like nothing you have done before. If you struggle with traditional forms of meditation, these are for you” Sophia Leone is a certified Osho Active Meditation Facilitator, a Yoga Teacher and Sacred Womans Work Facilitator.

Sophia Leone is a certified Osho Active Meditation Facilitator, a Yoga Teacher and Sacred Womans Work Facilitator.

Nora offers special focus classes and workshops from absolute beginners to advanced. She enjoys sharing her experiences in Hatha Yoga and combining it with her psychological background.
“Bringing others together and awakening their enthusiasm is one of my strengths.’
Contact. 61 459 238 029
Workshops Regular Workshops
with Claire
Claire has been practicing as a wholistic multi-modality practitioner for over 30 years. She was a professional educator in the Massage Faculty of the Southern School of Natural Therapies for 27 years.
She offers regular workshops in Somatics and Reflexology Somatics.
Soma is the Greek word for living body. Our body holds the truth of our lived experience. Touching into this , through physical touch and communication, while learning how to red the body, helps unravel the energy held within.
Reflexology uses thumbs and finger pressure on specific points on the feet that correspond to all points of the body. Our feet are more important than we think, as illness can be revealed in the feet and alert us to more serious issues.
These are full day workshops. For times and levels and registration details Contact Claire .
m 0400 584 598